About Us

The idea of Nona’s Kitchen was inspired by the love for Indonesian food. Nona, pronounced ‘nonna’, means ‘young girl’ in Indonesian.  My parents were Indonesian but I was born in The Netherlands.

zusjes ReinhartenAs a child my mother was told to leave the kitchen as her older sisters were always better at cooking, although in those days everybody had to help in the kitchen. But that didn’t stop my Mum to become one of the finest cooks I know. I grew up among many aunts and uncles who were also brilliant cooks at home.


grandmother and childI was always surrounded by the lovely smells of spices and was always asked to try things. I was fortunate that my Mum let me help her in the kitchen and that was when my passion for cooking started.

babi kechap

Many of my Indonesian recipes have been passed down through the family in her little handwritten recipe book. I would like to help you experience and appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of the Indonesian cuisine.