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Soto ayam/tofu v nuts
Spicy soup from Java with shredded pieces of chicken or tofu, topped with potatoes, beansprouts, boiled egg, celery and fried onion 

Lumpia (Loempia) v
Homemade spring roll filled with a selection of vegetables served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce 

Sate (Satay)
A very popular delicacy: skewers of pork or chicken or tofu, all marinated for an authentic taste, served with peanut butter sauce

Risoles v option )
Deep fried filled pancake with vegetables and a choice of chicken, minced beef or prawns 

Perkedel jagung v  option )
Fritters made out of flour, sweet corn, eggs and prawns

Main Dishes

Vegetarian options are available for many of the following main dishes


Famous Sumatran dish. Slowly cooking beef in coconut milk with chilli and mixed spices 

Daging semur
Beef fried with onions and simmered in soy sauce, garlic and cloves

Chicken /Ayam

Ayam besengek  nuts
Chicken pieces braised in a fragrant sauce with coconut milk and added tomatoes

Ayam semur
Mild tasting chicken stewed in sweet soy sauce with onion, garlic and ginger root 

Ayam pedis
Chilli chicken in a delicious sauce with mixed spices and a hint of coconut

Ayam opor nuts
This is a popular Javanese dish. Chicken in rich coconut sauce and a blend of mixed spices. Or with boiled egg or tofu 


Babi kecap
Stewed pieces of pork in soya sauce, ginger and garlic  

Babi panggang 
Crispy slices of marinated pork with sweet and spicy sauce  

Perkedel pan / Meat potato pie
Oven baked mixture of minced beef and pork and potatoes

Babi asam pedis
Delicious pork dish, in a spicy sour tamarind marinade

Babi rica rica
Delicious tangy but mild pork with ginger and lemon

Sate” prentoel
Meat balls of minced beef and pork with a blend of spices served in
a lovely peanut butter sauce


Gulai kambing
Spicy lamb curry with chillies, coconut milk, tamarind and ginger


Oven baked mackerel or sea bass with a blend of chillies, lemon grass and other spices 

Sambal goreng udang
Fried prawns in chilli sauce

Ikan bumbu bali nuts
Fresh fish baked in garlic, chillies , shrimp paste , tamarind and ginger

Ikan kare
Mildly spiced aromatic fish curry

Rice /Noodles

Nasi goreng  (v option )
Fried rice with leeks, onion and a choice of chicken, prawns or bacon topped with a fried egg

Nasi putih v
Plain white rice

Longtong v
Glutinous (sticky) plain rice 

Nasi kuning v
Rice cooked with turmeric, lemongrass and coconut

Bami goreng/ Fried noodles (v option )
Fried noodles with vegetables and eggs and a choice of prawns or chicken


Sayor lodeh v
Mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk and mixed spices

Vegetable stir fry  v
Mixed vegetables with garlic and light seasoning 

Sambal goreng   v
Fried vegetables with chillies and a blend of other spices; choice of beans, cabbage, kohlrabi 

Kentang balado v
Sweet chilli fried potato bites 

Tumis buncis v
Green beans in soy sauce

Gado gado v  nuts
Cold salad mix of vegetables with bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and boiled egg served with peanut butter sauce

Acar kuning  nuts
Refreshing pickled mixed vegetables salad

Sambal goring telor v
Curried egg in a spicy tomato sauce


Side dishes 

Deep fried prawn crackers

Emping v
Bitter deep fried crackers made with melinjo nuts

Serundeng v
Oven roasted coconut with a blend of spices 

Sambal goreng kering v
Hot and sweet thin potato chips , fried with onions and mixed spices 

Peanut butter sauce v nuts
A very traditional homemade sauce made with peanut butter, chillies, lemon and garlic

Tempeh goreng tepung v
Tempeh ( soy bean ) in crispy fried batter

Perkadel kentang v
Deep fried spicy potato cakes

Rujak v
Spicy fruit salad with chilli and soya sauce


Bak pao
Steamed bread buns filled with pork or beef and ginger

Glutinous (sticky) rice rolls filled with spicy chicken or tuna

Pastel goreng 
Mini-Indonesian pasty of minced beef and pork with a blend of spice

Pangsit goreng
Fried filo pastry cases filled with minced beef or prawns, leeks and garlic

Crisp and crunchy, savoury peanut brittle

Pisang goreng
Banana fritters

Lapis legit (Spekkoek)
Traditional spicy layer cake

Legend:   v   –  suitable for vegetarians or pescetarians
            nuts  –  recipe contains or uses nuts

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